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Do you enjoy constructing vivid narratives and enhancing their visual form to perfection? This project offers a unique opportunity to immerse into an enchanting world of fairy tale making!

Give well-known stories a new quirk

We all grew up to magical tales about beautiful princesses and brave princes, appalling dragons and evil witches. But what if you are to look at all these good old narratives from a new perspective? Here you are able to get acquainted with standard heroes and change their fates, which may lead to completely unexpected and sometimes hilarious consequences.

Give well-known stories a new quirk

We all grew up to magical tales about beautiful princesses and brave princes, appalling dragons and evil witches. But what if you are to look at all these good old narratives from a new perspective? Here you are able to get acquainted with standard heroes and change their fates, which may lead to completely unexpected and sometimes hilarious consequences.

The deeper you dive into the game, the more you realize its complexity and depth. From the first levels, when the tasks seem quite simple, you quickly move on to more complex combinations, where every decision you make can lead to unexpected plot twists.

Gameplay Storyteller

  1. Select from an extensive range of stories. Opening an old enigmatic book, you understand that it is brimming with enthralling narratives that are waiting for you to check them out. Adjust them to the titles and absolutely change their initial meanings.
  2. Each character is extraordinary. Take control over various personages and make them perform both completely disgusting and incredibly generous actions. Although remember that their personalities matter a lot!
  3. Travel all over the imaginary dimension. During your grandiose act of creation, you will also have a chance to visit different locations. From the Eden Garden to Transylvania, use new opportunities that each of the levels presents.
  4. Let the fables strike up with renewed plots. Your main objective is not to recreate popular scenes, but rather to generate your own ones on their basis. Don’t be afraid to manipulate the heroes and put them into unexpected situations, as it may result in something surprisingly cool!
  5. Give your scene a decent ending. Everything needs to be finished sooner or later. So, ensure that all the fables end as they should, leaving no questions behind. No need to strive for a happy ending all the time, try to add up some drama.

Non-linear tales

Storyteller invites you to not only complete levels, but also to become part of the creative gameplay. You not only choose cards, but, moreover, determine the tone and mood of their narratives.

It is important to understand that Storyteller do not have strictly defined boundaries or rules. Only you decide what your tale will be, and there are no restrictions on the path you choose.

Capturing the player’s attention with its uniqueness, Storyteller stimulates creative thinking and imagination. With each new challenge, the user learns to see different options for the development of events, analyze the consequences of his decisions and create more complex and interesting scenarios.

Outstanding heroes

Furthermore, there is a possibility for you to meet a lot of interesting participants of the action. All of them are unique and have their own motives and goals. Some of them have love interests and you have the opportunity to help them with their relationships.

All you need is imagination, so you have a chance to put them in situations where they are capable of starting to be good friends or even lovers. Some of them may even become enemies or commit a crime!

How to create your very own fairy tale?

Many people have a fear of a blank page, they simply don’t know where to start. But don’t you worry! You will have no problem with it here. The system of building a gripping plot is so intuitively understandable, that you don’t even need to think through the whole story to end up with a good one.

  1. Pick up the scenario. Follow the order in the book and gradually unlock new plots, heroes, locations and possibilities. The further you proceed, the more complications there will be!
  2. Examine your materials. Starting a new fable, you will always have several blank panels, personages and items. Try to guess how the plot should look like, according to the title, written above.
  3. Prepare the scene. To begin a new chapter in the book, just move your components to the appropriate places. You may always change the positions of separate objects or even switch the whole panels, if you wish.
  4. Take a look at the action. The most stunning aspect of the project is that all your plots are moving in every sense. The heroes interact with each other, make different grimaces, die and revive!
  5. Finish the collection. As you are moving through a big book of fairy tales, you gain access to new chapters of it and this means you meet new characters and tragedies every time you turn the page.

What secrets does the magic book hide?

This imaginary kingdom is full of surprises and most of them are easy to reach. You have the power to make the personages occur in the most unbelievable situations, leaving them flabbergasted at the very least. However, there are some puzzles, which are not so evident! Will you gather them all?

Look at your collection of the achievements and see how many you have already discovered and how many are still hidden somewhere in between the interactive puzzles. Experiment with the locations and the actions, change positions and roles, and initially you will investigate all possible routes. If you want more games like this one go to

Community and content

Storyteller have an active and dedicated community. You share their unique narratives, discuss strategies, and suggest your own levels to complete. With the advent of the function of creating your own challenges, it received a second wind. Now everyone has a chance to become a creator, offering their riddles for other players to solve.

It is not just a game, it’s an experience. An experience that allows you to explore the depths of your imagination, stimulating creative thinking and providing a platform for creativity. This is a game that proves that the art of storytelling is capable of being interactive, fun and accessible to everyone.

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Weave the cloth of your fiction realm

In an era where many games strive for realism, high graphics and complex mechanics, Storyteller reminds us of the simplicity and genius of storytelling. After all, each of us is a storyteller at heart. We just need the right platform to express ourselves.

Moreover, there are some mods that have a chance to diversify it a little. So, if you want to have a fantastic pastime and continue to reveal secrets of others you are able to spend time in full version for pc!