Storyteller Update

Storyteller Update

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Recently you can purchase Storyteller Full Version, which has been in development for so long. However, it is able to continue to be updated, adding new interesting content and fixing bugs. Exactly when they are going to be released is currently unknown, but rest assured, it may always be improved.

Description Of Storyteller

You are reading a book that contains many wonderful and terrible fairy tales. Each of them has a name, so you need to recreate it in a logical chain. For example, if someone is about to die, you must come up with an occasion for the characters to take decisive move. Whether it’s cheating or a sly plan doesn’t matter, what evaluates is the result.

The first ones were educational, where they explain the rules to you and what consequences await you if you take actions. The rest is just practice. Now you really have to think about how to complete the task. Considering that certain locations and heroes have special features. The villain should not drink the poison, but will use it for his own purposes.

Technical Component Of Storyteller

Its main advantage is its unique visual style. You should never confuse this project with any other. Together with the music, you are truly going to be immersed in an atmosphere of incredible adventures and breathtaking intrigue. Don’t worry, the controls in Storyteller are quite simple and convenient, you just need a computer mouse.

Also, there are no disgusting errors that spoil the whole process. It always works properly, reacts normally to your influences and does not turn off for no reason. Of course, some strange things are still up to happen, but the creators fix them instantly, so you have a chance to remain calm.

Recommend To Others Or Not?

Absolutely yes. Storyteller Full Version is a wonderful game that will definitely lift your spirits. The only downside is the short duration. These puzzles aren’t too difficult, so you’ll get the hang of them in no time. It is for this reason that this product must be updated regularly, otherwise it is possible for followers to forget it exists.

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