Five Nights in Anime

Five Nights in Anime

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Followers of the original game will most likely not love this one, because it is absolutely not scary and mysterious at all. Of course, parodies don’t need to be great or have the same vibe, but still, many pieces of art created by followers are creepy. On the contrary, this work seems like banter, as the whole concept has turned from horror to erotica.

That’s why they have such strange and vulgar behavior. You work as a security guard in a specific establishment where animatronics come to life. It is really necessary for you to monitor their movements so as not to let them approach you.

One way or another, it depends on whether you adore it or not. You are up to enjoy what is happening, or you may be disappointed and irritated. Furthermore, it is definitely not a masterpiece, so you are not obligated to install this product. Or recommend it to others.

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