Do NOT Take This Cat Home

Do NOT Take This Cat Home

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Do NOT Take This Cat Home is a thriller with psychological elements. Here our guests will decide to help a small and harmless creature. But sometimes being a good person in the world is a bad thing. This process is not intended for children and those with weak mental health. Be prepared for scenes of rudeness, blood and harsh lighting.


In this game, players will be in the role of a guy who has a day off. This week has been difficult and it’s time to go for a walk. Despite the bad weather, he still went through the city streets. The hero heard strange sounds coming from around the corner. As he came closer he saw the box.

Users will be warned of the danger before opening it. Even knowing this, interest takes over! Inside there is a kitten that is black in color, which wants affection and love. What will you do, take it to the mansion or leave it on the side of the road?

What awaits you:

•  Location research
•  Making decisions
•  Unexpected twists
•  Creepy atmosphere

Fate is in your hands!

In Do NOT Take This Cat Home, players will constantly be faced with choices. They must make the right decision, because the future depends on it. Will you be able to react quickly and avoid mistakes? Do this wisely because you may not get a very good result.

In addition, fans should look for clues that will reveal the secret of the pet. Be attentive in the game and pay attention even to small details! Can you solve difficult puzzles without losing your sanity?

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