Untitled Goose Game

Untitled Goose Game

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It’s a good morning in a beautiful village! Citizens enjoy the sun and fresh air. But you will ruin everything for them simply by your presence! In the Untitled Goose Game you will take control of poultry. This creature is too insidious and is ready to do dirty tricks to anyone 24/7. Are you ready to come up with the funniest pranks for people?

Wreak havoc on the streets!

It’s time to visit the city where there is heavy traffic and bring harm to everyone who meets on the way. In this game, users will do crazy things and watch people go crazy. Monitor their reactions and make adjustments to improve results in the future.

Ways to piss everyone off:

  • •  Steal the gardener’s watering can
  • •  Throw a sock at a cafe visitor
  • •  Bite the barista
  • •  Hide dishes from waiters
  • •  Turn things over


More fun with two!

Untitled Goose Game has a multiplayer mode that brings together. Are you ready to do this with your partner? Invite a friend to carry out your most insidious plans! This way, you will be more likely to come up with a lot of cool ideas. What are you willing to do in order to see steam from the ears of ordinary citizens?

There are no rules or restrictions in this game. Interact with various objects or tools. Players can find creative ways to do this and have a lot of fun. Will you cope with such an exciting mission or will you still spare the population? Will they be able to move on with their day and forget about you?

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