Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird

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Everyone knows this game, as it is free and exciting. There are no difficult impossible tasks that should cause you irritation, or a breathtaking plot. You simply control this creature and help it fly through the columns.

The graphics are pixelated, the music is uninteresting, the controls are elementary, you just use one button. Fortunately, there are no errors in it, so it is unlikely that you are going to have any problems with anything. However, as you have a chance to see, this product is not something unique, and it is doubtful that it will regain popularity.

Then why do people still remember this work, create similar projects, make references to this legend, etc.? Most likely, the reason for this phenomenon is banal nostalgia. A huge number of things that are really not something amazing, in the memory of users are masterpieces.

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