Storyteller 3

Storyteller 3

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Recently, Storyteller has become really popular, so it is not surprising that there should be sequels in the future. However, will they be as good as the first part? Are they going to change much? At the moment, it is impossible to answer all these questions, since the developers themselves have not yet announced any grandiose plans.

What Is The Essence Of Storyteller?

It has several levels in which you must create a logical narrative. Your main goal is to reproduce the work of art from its title. For example, if you have to come up with a love tragedy, then you need to make two characters fall in love with each other, and then kill one of them. These are quite simple but extremely entertaining puzzles.

The background and characters also matter a lot, because they also have individual qualities. For example, at a wedding location they marry each other, or rejection occurs. Some of them behave differently depending on the circumstances. Some can be ready to kill themselves, while others will fight for their honor.

In addition, it is necessary to mention how unique the Storyteller style is. You should really feel like you are reading different fairy tales in which unexpected events constantly happen. The visuals and sound are performed at the highest level. The training is going to explain to you how to operate this game, so you won’t have any problems.

Is This Game Really So Beautiful?

In fact, this is a difficult question, because everyone has their own hobbies, preferences and interests, so some are able to find it boring. Or too short, or expensive, etc. But still, you should give it a chance, since this project is truly fantastic, and even the presence of shortcomings does not spoil it.

If you are not impressed by it, or you are not into this kind of thing, then you have the opportunity to try other original works of art. They have equally wonderful gameplay and ideas that are sure to delight you. Perhaps you may recommend some to your friends or family and discuss them afterward. One way or another, the choice is yours.

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