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PROJECT SEKAI is an exciting musical challenge. It invites you to visit the world of musical culture.

Are you ready to meet colorful characters whose stories and melodies will make you fall in love at first sight? Here players will become part of a virtual group of musicians. The main task is to help them reach the pinnacle of glory.

Come on stage!

Users will be able to create and customize their own heroes. In addition, they can form groups and perform at various concerts or events. Each character has unique skills and musical talents. For this reason, you will be able to develop it to become real stars.

There are many songs in this game such as:
•  J-pop
•  Rock
•  Electronic music
•  Famous composers
•  From anime series

Satisfy tastes!

In PROJECT SEKAI you can play your favorite tunes and create your own arrangements. Fans can also share their creations with other members around the world. Try different modes, including stories, where you can immerse yourself in exciting storylines.

Learn about the lives and adventures of your favorite new friends! This game offers an exciting journey through the universe of rhythm and friendship that will not leave you indifferent. The rules are too simple and easy to remember. Just click on the platforms that appear on the screen.

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