Papers Please

Papers Please

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Papers Please is a unique simulation game where you take on the role of a border officer. Actions taking place in a fictional country with real rules and laws.

Your task is to control the entry of people into the city, checking their documents for authenticity. The entire process centers around making decisions and obtaining information. Can you handle it?

Your work affects everything!

In this game, players must carefully examine each passport, comparing data. There are specified rules and procedures to decide whether to allow a person to cross the border or refuse.

Everything you do affects:
•  Salary and family welfare
•  Policy
•  Plot
•  End of challenge

Users will be faced with various moral dilemmas and ethical decisions. For example, helping refugees, fighting corruption or supporting various regimes. Every choice in the game creates a unique experience for the player.

Main goals

In Papers Please, participants must be strict to instill fear in all violators. Be careful not to catch criminals or dealers who want to stay hidden. Check their trunk if certain personalities are suspicious! Maximize profits to become a real master and help your family!

Serve as many people as possible in a short period of time! But in this case, our guests must react very quickly and not miss important or small details. Don’t betray the government and stick to the rules! You don’t want to get into trouble, do you?

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