Joy Pony

Joy Pony

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In this challenge, everyone can make their dream come true! If you have been wanting a pet for a long time, then now is the right time for it. In Joy Pony, players will not look after a cat or dog, but a small horse. It needs your love and hopes that you can make it happy. Can you cope with such a responsible task?

Adopt an animal!

At the beginning of the game, users will receive a box that needs to be opened. Inside, a small creature will be waiting for them, crying. Customize the appearance of it by choosing different features.

You can do:
• Find the right skin and fur color
• Eye and wool color
• Add accessories
• Make the hero unique

After users are done with this, they will be able to go to the location. The character will stand in one place and cry. This will make everyone wonder what it will take to make this stop. Talk to him to find out what he wants to eat!


In Joy Pony, fans can have fun with him, giving the horse a lot of positive emotions. For example, you can buy it to remove dust and dirt. Also comb your hair so that it is shiny and smooth. Find other ways to get good results.

Remember that you must also check your level of well-being and health. A new friend should feel good in the game! But just in case, our guests can find bandages and other items as medicine. You can punish your pet for bad behavior, but it is better not to do this.

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