Gacha Cute

Gacha Cute

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Gacha Cute is something that is ideally for creative persons. Here everyone can reveal their talents and abilities without being embarrassed about it. In this process there is a huge selection of character customization and additional materials. If you’re ready to start creating a compelling story, then start now!

Feel like a director!

In this game, you will feel like you have been approved for the role of a designer. Users will come up with amazing images for the heroes. Boys, girls or even strange creatures! You can realize all your crazy ideas that you were even afraid to tell your friends about!

You can start with:
•  Choosing hair
•  Do your makeup
•  Selection of clothes and their combination
•  Facial expressions
•  Poses

Use your imagination while you do all of the above! Every detail must be well thought out to get good results. Once you’re done with this, you can continue collecting characters into your collection. But fans also have the chance to visit beautiful locations.


Our guests can go to any of the proposed rooms. This could be a concert hall, fitness center, shopping center, metro and much more. Place your heroes to begin the main process. You can choose any location for them in the game!

Add accessories, attributes and objects that will decorate and create the desired atmosphere. Players can also use text to make avatars talk to each other. Animals, weapons and backgrounds are also customizable in Gacha Cute.

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