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In BitBuddy, players will begin the process by finding a small creature. The creators did not reveal details about who it really is. But we can see that it is a green alien with a human face. He really craves attention, so give it to him! See how his smile has become wider and try to maintain it.

Don’t upset the character!

In this game, users will do everything possible to prevent the hero from becoming sad. This may happen due to mistakes they make. For this reason, carry out your new friend’s requests with care and caution. In return, he will make you rejoice with him.

The cute monster can:
•  Talk
•  Inventing entertainment
•  Clogging the computer screen
•  Eat donuts and healthy foods

To be or not to be comrades?

BitBuddy really wants you to treat it with respect. He is sensitive to everything you do. But be careful and monitor his mood changes. On his face you can see how the corners of his mouth turn up. This means that he is happy and ready to have more fun.

But if everything is the other way around, he will begin to feel sad, which will lead to bad consequences. In this game, certain actions can cause the character to die. You don’t want to lose it, do you? In this case, choose the right options that will improve the process.

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