Avatar World: City Life

Avatar World: City Life

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What could be better than a carefree, fun life? In Avatar World: City Life, players will begin their adventure by creating a character. It can look like anything, so just use your imagination. Customize your hero’s cool appearance and go to a city where there are no rules. Are you ready for chaos and madness?

Explore the vast map!

•  Shopping mall
•  Gym
•  Hospital
•  School
•  Parks
•  Beauty salon

All these and many other places will give you a great mood in the game! Users can visit them at any time to enjoy cool moments there. Remember that there you can find new friends with whom you can have parties. Take driving, drawing or singing courses and get rewarded!

Home, family and hobbies!

In Avatar World: City Life, fans can also fall in love and start dating. Move to other mansions, do renovations and buy beautiful decorations. If you are ready for children, then it’s time to have them! But remember that this is a big responsibility and they need to be given a lot of time.

Take part in seasonal missions and receive many prizes for this. This could be stylish clothes, toys for little ones, rare and expensive furniture. In the game, everyone can express their uniqueness and not be afraid of being judged for it. This process will also teach you how to find a way out of various problems and think like a real adult.

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