Another Girl In The Wall

Another Girl In The Wall

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This challenge is ideal for those who don’t know what to do. Simple rules and controls give you complete control over the situation. Another Girl In The Wall is a great way to relieve tension and get rid of stress. Are you ready to find a common language with the main character?

Creativity is the key to success!

In this game, players will visit a place where there is a fence in the middle. There is a hole in the brick structure in which a young lady is stuck. Her appearance is unusual, which makes you look at every detail. She is completely constrained, so she cannot resist users.

What can you do with the heroine:
•  Change hair color
•  Choose a fashionable look
•  Dye her hair
•  Add accessories

What happens next depends only on your choice. Experiment using the menu at the bottom of the screen! Fans can switch suggested items using the mouse. Find something that will perfectly suit your expectations!

A city with secrets!

In Another Girl In The Wall you will visit a town where not everything is so clean. In the beginning, it may seem that peace and love reign here. But over time, you will realize that there are too many mysteries in this territory.

Users will solve puzzles using dexterity and concentration. In this game, everyone can not only have fun, but also benefit in some way. Can you cope with such an interesting mission? Immerse yourself in this complex atmosphere!

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